Tristate Log Splitter Rental

Serving Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding area

No credit card!

Delivered and picked up!

Comes with a FULL TANK OF GAS!

Extra gas cans available upon request.

No truck, no problem. When you need a firewood splitter, you can have a well-taken-care-of 34-ton log splitter delivered to your property and picked up when you are done. Whether you are splitting logs from a downed tree, or a donated pile, this wood splitter has excelled at splitting logs of at least 24" in diameter. The splitting area swivels vertically to save your back from lifting the heaviest of logs, allowing you to roll those heavy chunks into position.

Regularly serviced and inspected, these hydraulic splitters make quick work of that wood pile you wouldn't dare spend your weekend swinging an axe or maul at. I used to manually split wood, and definitely don't miss it. 

Save you back and body, rent this log splitter today!

Free Delivery and Pickup!*

$100 for a full day**.

Dropoff can be as early at 6am. 

Pickup is sunset or later.

Log splitter is dropped off with a full gas tank. No need to refill the tank. 

Extra gas cans available upon request, are dropped off full at rental dropoff, and you only pay for what you use from them.***

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*Note: There is an extra charge to deliver and pickup outside of Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties. This is once per reservation and is by distance from the intersection of I-69 and Lloyd Expressway. Generally... Towns such as Henderson KY, Haubstadt IN, Ft. Branch IN, Lynnville IN are an extra $25. Towns such as Princeton IN,  Santa Claus IN, Rockport IN, Owensboro KY, Mt. Vernon IN, Robards KY, Sebree KY are an extra $50. 

**Full amount due up-front at drop-off. 2nd and 3rd consecutive days are $100 per day. 4th and consecutive days are $75 per day.

***Rounded up to the nearest dollar. Charges for gas used from the extra gas cans is at a rate consistent with the approximate average of "regular" gas in the area, plus $5 for the service.  A 2.5 gallon gas can at $3 per gallon would be $7.50 + $5 or $12. Another example might be a 2.5 gallon gas can plus half of another 2.5 gallon gas at $3.50 per gallon would be $11.38, rounded to $12 + $5 service fee, or $17 total for the extra gas.